Mileva 45

QOGI for carbon dioxide gas leaks

Mileva 45 is the latest model of Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging for micro-leaks detection of carbon dioxide.



Quantitative OGI

SENSIA Handheld cameras integrate a very reliable software which implements strongly tested algorithms for gas detection combined with the most advanced signal integration technology and data analytics. This embedded processing based on SENSIA’s Redlook technology allows the QOGI to perform sophisticated analytics as Quantification of the flow rate of the observed gas.

With SENSIA QOGI cameras, you can scan broad sections of equipment and survey areas where traditional contact measurement tools cannot access

Enhanced Mode

RedLook Handheld cameras provides advanced functionalities oriented to enhance the detection of fugitive emissions such as different gas processing algorithms and image contrast control, among others. In addition to these features, it includes a video recovery tool for on-field review of the videos recorded in the QOGI.


Optimizing The User Experience With A Visual & Predictive Interface

Temperature indicator
Shows the precise temperature value of those elements shown on the center of the image.

Auto-contrast mode
Enhancement of the thermal image to get the optimum temperature values for each scenario.

Up to 5 color palettes
Different color palette available by double clicking on the palette bar and providing the temperture in Celsius.

Saturated pixels colored
Any pixel exposed to extreme temperatures is hightlighted and a warning indicator is triggered.

Mileva for leaktightness verification

Mileva 45 has a new design, a 5-inch touch screen and runs under Redlook Handheld, the most powerful and intuitive software for gas visualization. This control and analysis software unfold the full potential of Mileva 45 Optical Gas Imaging.

Mileva 45 has the main international certifications in temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and water intrusion and hazardous environments.